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Sarah + John Family Portraits

Meet Sarah + John. It was such an amazing blessing to visit with these sweet friends who I have done life with for so many years. Sarah and I went to school together from Kindergarten to 12th grade and graduated with 5 other people. (Yes, you read that right!) We went to a small Christian school and had a unique experience but are lifelong friends to this day which I am so thankful for. We used to be work out buddies, and I would invite myself over their house for dinner at least once or twice a week :) She was also in my wedding last year!

I have known all their kiddos since they were born and it is so fun to see them growing up... it has been four years since I last saw them. I took a trip out to visit their home in Arizona and Sarah and I road tripped to the Grand Canyon... it was a blizzard that day! Quite the adventure!

John and I also worked together for many years at the same church, and now that they are back on the east coast he is serving as a pastor at a local church on the Cape. They have such a beautiful home and community they live in!

We were able to get some photos around sunset not far from their house. Thousands of people flock to the Cape each summer, how fun to live in a vacation destination! They took me to their favorite local ice cream place one night and all I can say is it was AhhhhMazing.

Thank you Sarah and John for letting me visit and letting me photograph your beautiful family. Love you guys!

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